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Inspiring Living Room Ideas for Dubai’s Lifestyle

It’s quite challenging to find a starting point when it comes to decorating or revamping the house from scratch. Dubai is considered the City of Gold, we see luxury homes around each corner. The interior design of living rooms in Dubai, surely depicts how it looks like to be living in one of the most luxurious cities in the world. Adding luxury and grandeur to a design is as complicated as embedding a ring onto a finger. 

Let’s ponder on some details to prevent overly crowded design and get optimum results instead. 

Here is the list of a few stunning ideas on how to give an opulent touch to a living room in Dubai.

  • An ideal furniture placement

The first thing people notice while entering your house is the placement of the furniture. The living room is the comfiest area of the entire house. So, its layout design should be unique and impressive enough to attract visitors. The layout of the living space determines the ideal placement of the furniture and easily creates a central point that will build up the foundation of the design. 

  • Personalized style 

After a tiring day, everyone needs a place where they could release all the stress, burnout, feel relaxed and discover themselves, and that place is your home. 

So, the more you struggle in integrating your personalized touch into the entire design, the more comfort and happiness it will give. Always consider incorporating your lifestyle into your living room design, just like how you dress up yourself. 

  • Perfect color scheme

There are two essential things to consider while choosing the color palette for your home. 

The size of the living room

If you have a smaller living room, a warm and light color scheme would work best for making the room look bigger. 

The orientation of natural lighting

The natural lighting orientation is all about the natural lighting coming to your place when the sun rises and sets. If your living room faces the position where the sun usually rises, then using a lighter color scheme would balance the illuminating light it gets. 

The incorporation of some metal pieces into this color scheme would additionally bring a luxurious touch to the whole design. 

  • Pragmatic yet aesthetical flooring

Flooring is considered the most used & abused part of the living room. So, always prefer choosing a top-notch quality flooring material as it will not only look good but also reduce damages and the need for maintenance. Marble flooring is most commonly used in Dubai, as it’s a good investment and offers the desired richness too. To further increase the coziness of the living area, use carpets and rugs. 

  • High-quality furniture 

This part of the living room decor requires a higher degree of professionalism since it includes the choice of going more or less. 

High-quality furniture doesn’t always mean expensive pieces, rather choosing the best one that complements your space and your lifestyle. You can get this premium quality furniture from the best-used home appliances buyers in Dubai. 

Buying the cheapest items does not represent wiseness but a perfect blend of quality, function, aesthetics, value of money, and quantity has a great value not only in case of furniture but for all house designs in Dubai.

  • Ideal sofa set

The first thing to bear in mind while choosing sofas or any settee for your living room is the size, shape, color, design, fiber, and quality of the material used. No one would like to have a sofa that is as hard as a rock. So, select such a comfortable sofa that people would love to sit on. It’s also very important to determine its value. Mostly, the quality of the material used reflects the price of the sofa. So, if you want to make a long-term investment and add opulence to your living space, pick the best value with high-quality material, fiber, and artistry. But if you are out of budget, choose a second-hand sofa which you can easily get from the professional used home appliances buyers in Dubai. 

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