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Revamp your house with some amazing DIY home décor ideas 

Do you want to know the perfect way to decorate your house? 

The answer to this simple question is: 

Do it yourself and bring your creative ideas to life!

Your home is your comfort place where you have the privilege to implement all your creative ideas for decorating the house. Decorating entirely depends upon your liking and taste. Use some amazing DIY home decor ideas to create an aesthetic, modern, or traditional look for your place. The main feature of these home decors is that they can easily be implemented by you through your uniqueness and imagination while playing a vital role in revitalizing your house. These DIY ideas also give you the liberty to maximize your style and customize it as per your liking and requirements. It will ultimately save some cash. 

In this blog, we are highlighting some DIY home décor ideas to wake up the DIYer inside you.

Let’s take a look!

  • Light & neutral tone painted wall

Prefer painting your walls with decent colors like beige, off-white, or gray, mainly on the first floor as it’s important to keep up the flow. Neutral-toned walls provide the maximum flexibility for decorating, enabling you to smoothly shift your belongings. 

Also, painting two rooms next to each other with neutral colors makes them look bigger. 

  • Living area arrangement: Ensure your jargon with chairs!

Consider a nice lobby of a luxury hotel!

The furniture placed in their lobby is arranged in groups that appeal to dialogues. If you place the furniture in the same arrangement, it will deliver the same sense of grandeur, and intimacy to your visitors. 

Make the U-shape arrangement of furniture in your living, with a sofa and 2 chairs identical to each other at each end of the coffee table. This arrangement is considered ideal for decorating the living area. 

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  • Hanging flower vases

The simplest yet exhilarating DIY idea for home decor is to make the best use of hanging flower vases. It will not only add some colors to your place but also be a symbol of life for the people living in the house, and the visitors. Get a nice, cozy, and vibrant look by placing them next to your windows!

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  • Layer your lighting

All 3 kinds of lighting must be there in every room. 

  1. Ambient: It mostly comes from ceiling fixtures, giving overall illumination.
  2. Task: It is usually found in the kitchen or reading area.
  3. Accent: It provides more embellishment, highlighting any say or artwork. 

For a living room, it is suggested to have at least 42 lumens per square foot. One amazing trick is the use of uplights. Place a canister uplight or a torchiere in the corner to emit a sparkling glowy effect on the ceiling, making a room look bigger.

  • Customized wallpapers

Customized wallpapers are the best way to quickly change the entire look of your place.It is the easiest DIY tip to get a nice wallpaper of your desired color and design and attach it to the wall. You can also choose any modern or latest pattern if you are a traditional or aesthetic lover. This DIY idea is not only recyclable but long-lasting as well. 

  • Planted shelves

The idea of Indoor plants can never get old. Bring a green effect to your home by placing these plants on the wall of floating shelves. This wall can be easily made and can instantly revamp the entire look of your house. 

  • Painted pots

This DIY home decor idea can be accomplished by those who have some basic painting skills in them. Paint pots in casual designs like the use of acrylic paints for different colored polka dot designs. Then place plants in these painted pots and are ready to style your house. Place them wherever you like such as near your study area, side table, or on your window sill.

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